Remodeling Finishing Touches That Give Your Home Character

remodelWhen you are remodeling your home, you are likely focused on aspects like the internal heating and electrical systems, or appliances and fixtures in the bathroom or kitchen. Once everything’s been fixed up to the point of functionality, you may find yourself saying, ‘now what?’ If you want to add an extra touch to your home, here are a few fun projects that will give your space some real personality.

Skylight If you live in an area that gets a lot of sun, try adding a skylight to your space. You’ll find that having more light in your kitchen, bedroom, or office can actually make you feel brighter and more energetic. Bonus points if you have some trees hanging over your home – you’ll feel like you’re in a forest.murphy-bed

Murphy Bed
If you find that you need more space anywhere in your home, try installing a murphy bed somewhere unexpected instead of setting up a cramped bedroom. For example, you can have a guest room that functions as an office when no one’s there, or even a basement game room that transforms into a teenager’s space at night.

Fireplace Everyone dreams of snuggling up with their family in their home during a chilly day. Adding a fireplace to any room can give it that sweet, cozy touch you have been looking for. If you want your home to be sleek, go with a modern design, but if your style is more classic, bricks always look great as well.entertainment

Entertainment CenterTake your living room to the next level by turning it into a comprehensive entertainment and storage center. You can do this by taking the largest wall in the space and installing a storage unit on the bottom for consoles, adding a large shelf for a TV on top, and then adding bookshelves on the side. For an even more intense entertainment experience, take out a wall and install movie-theater style seating.

Reading Nook Turning a window in a hallway or living room into a reading nook is a charming way to add some character to any room. Just by installing a bench and some pillows, you have given yourself the perfect place to cuddle with a blanket and a book or your laptop. You can even add some cabinets underneath for

This is a great option if you regularly entertain others. Knock out a space near your kitchen where you can install bar stools, and then add extra cabinets or carts to store liquor and glasses, and voila, you have the perfect entertainment space.

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